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I once read that there‘s an estimated 1,264 genres of music. How dull would life be if we were just limited to a few? 


Very boring if you ask me.....


Which is why I listen to ALL that I can. 


Being influenced by so many DIFFERENT genres allows me to create the soundscape that will be tailor made for YOU! 


....your project won’t sound like anyone else’s!


Music should be an expression of authenticity at its finest. Why would I try to sound like anyone else, when I can sound like ADAM?

When you realize you had the power in yo


This music won’t fit in a box.....and there’s so much MORE you can do with it. Are you looking for the perfect beat for a song you’re working on? Maybe you’re searching for an alluring soundtrack for your website, YouTube video, etc. Whatever your needs are, let’s connect to see if Adam Xander can give you what you need.