How thirst can help you live a better life

If you go too long without something to drink, what happens?

Thirst, right?

And if you’re thirsty, you’re not going to pretend like you aren’t to protect your ego.....right?

If that sounds a bit ridiculous, it’s because it is. Being thirsty is a natural human response to need for hydration. It means that you have an obligation to your body to quench its thirst, and provide it with something necessary to survive.


Why the hell has our culture become so harsh in its judgement against those of us who are thirsty for what we want in life?

There was a point in time where I purposely concealed my ambition for things that I desired in life, simply because I didn’t want to be ridiculed by my peers for appearing to be “too thirsty”. I resisted expressing anything that resembled “needy” behavior. None of this was because of how I would feel about it, but it was ALWAYS correlated with how I assumed OTHERS would perceive me.

I’ve been working on this whole “being kind to myself” thing lately, but everything in me wants to call myself a foolish idiot right now, as I reflect on how silly it was for me to be such a thin skinned person who hid parts of me, because it would make me seem “too thirsty”.

Literally, as I’m writing this post, I’m sitting alone in a Starbucks at 8:00am on Christmas Eve, and notice actor Antonio Fargas in line. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s a legend from the blaxploitation film era, and most notably known for his role as “Huggy Bear”. Anyway, when I realized it was him, I instantly knew I wanted to go ask him for a picture, but right away, the Mercury began to rise on my inner “thirst-o-meter”, and I was looking for every reason to NOT go and shake the hand of someone who I admire.

“He’s just another person like me, why would I go try to get his attention”

“I ain’t about to be looking like no groupie in front of all these people”

“I’m not about to sweat this dude”

These were all thoughts that instantly started running through my mind, and as I went to pick up my phone to try and sneak a “creeper” picture of him while he was in line, the opening lines of this post was staring me in my face.

You won’t find a clearer sign on a Las Vegas Strip hotel, than the one that was flashing in my face at that moment. Here was a chance to really see if I was actually meaning what I was writing, and take the opportunity to freely be “thirsty” for something I wanted. Which was to take a picture with one of my idols. And as trivial as that might seem, it was a huge accomplishment for me!

What makes me even more excited for me, is the high probability of someone reading this who also has silently suffered from deprivation of things they desire, out of the fear of being “too thirsty”.

There’s someone else out there who is holding themselves back in life, because they don’t want the world to think that there’s a possibility there are things in life that they want which bring them satisfaction.

Any of these sound familiar?

“I really wanna be with her/him, but I don’t wanna shoot my shot, because I don’t wanna seem like I’m being thirsty”

“Damn, I really wanna go meet that person who could help me get the job of my dreams, but I don’t wanna seem like I’m being thirsty”

“It would be so nice to have the support of my people while I chase my dreams of being a musician/artist/entertainer/writer/podcaster/photographer/fashion designer/etc. but I don’t wanna share my work with them, because I don’t wanna seem like I’m being thirsty”

Don’t ignore one of your most basic human needs, and characteristics of what it means to be ALIVE, because you’re too embarrassed to let the world see you take a sip.

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