They Don't fuNk With Me

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, but I have yet to find anybody from my age group who can dig the fuNk as much as I do.

When it comes to reminiscing about 80’s and 90’s hip hop and/r&b, I can spark up a conversation with my people about that at any given moment.

However, if I ever wanted to roll up a doobie and throw some uncut fuNk like Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Funkadelic, Slave, and all the other masters of groovin’ “on the one”....I wouldn’t know who to call to join me.

I wonder why that is though?

To be honest, I believe there’s way more 30 year old fuNkateers out there than there appears to be, but for whatever reason they’re not making themselves visible.

You know what?....

Maybe it’s the “weird” ass clothes that George Clinton and the rest of Dr. Funkenstein’s clones wore. You know, like adult size cloth diapers, or fake noses that extended 12 inches from their faces.

It absolutely CANNOT be because they don’t think the music is good, because it’s impossible to not be infected by those syncopated drum patters, or percussive horn blows. It’s impossible to not find your foot taking on a mind of its own, and start tapping to the beat when James Brown is counting in the band, signifying the beginning of a 5+ minute fuNk ride.

I want my friends to love this genre as much as I do, but ever since my dad hopped me to it when I was fresh out the womb, I have yet to experience that groove with anybody else in my age bracket.

Maybe that’s why I love hanging out with “older” folks though, because I feel like they’re the only ones who “get me” musically. And getting me musically is important to me.

It’s my hope that I can be proven wrong though. I hope someone reading this feels the love for the fuNk as much as I do, and reaches out, and sparks up a conversation about why their favorite Parliament cut is their favorite Parliament cut.

And I know age discrimination is a real thing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I mean this with all due respect to my elders when I say that this ain’t for them.

I already know I can rely on them. Nothing for me to prove there.

This is for anybody who wasn’t even thought of yet (as the “elders” say) when all this music, composed by God him/herself, was planted in the minds of all the fuNk greats, and delivered to us earthlings.

Are y’all out there? Let it be known if so, and always remember....

We’re one nation under a groove....indivisible, with the freedom to fuNk for all! 🤘🏼

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