You’re such a smART ass?

For the most part, we all want the same thing, but a lot of us take different routes to get there. I was reading a book called Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown, and she was discussing our innate desires for belonging, and the difference between belonging and fitting in.

Belonging means that you still get to be 100 % YOU, and still be embraced, loved and accepted by others. Whereas fitting in requires you to change something about yourself to receive that same kind of love and acceptance.

I could be way off here, but in my entire existence, everything that I’ve observed about human beings matches up with Brene’s statement. We all want to know we belong somewhere. Some of us try our best to suppress the vulnerability required to admit that, and then there are those of us who openly express our ambition to fulfill that need for a sense of belonging.

Having a tough time deciding whether I want to belong, or fit in has been a tough reality for me for a large portion of my life. I could write a whole psychology dissertation on the reasons WHY, but that’s not why this is about right now.

What this IS about though is how my struggle all those years to seek comfort in the right community lead to me taking the initiative to BUILD MY OWN!

So, with that being said, I’d like to present to you...

So smART Multimedia. Officially established as an LLC on 12/15/2019!

THIS is my way of building the community that I so desperately have been looking for all of my life to belong to.

So smART Multimedia is HOME to a collection of artists from many disciplines who understand and celebrate the value of ART as a form of intellect. The “doors” of So smART Multimedia are open to those who want to use this platform as their vehicle to show the world that being smART doesn’t just come from racking up degrees, and getting good grades in school, or being able to get accepted into a prestigious institution of higher education.

And while this isn’t in any way a knock on formal education, it is an open invitation to anyone who has ever felt pressure to conform to the “traditional” path of what it means to be “smart” or “successful”.

Whether you’re a writer, musician, painter, podcaster, comedian, photographer, or just a fan of any of those disciplines, So smART Multimedia is a destination for you to visit for 100 % pure and authentic ART that communicates a high level of intellect.

I look forward to building with all the smARTists who decide to come this way!

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